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Did You Know

Heart Failure is very commonplace and nowadays there is great support for its sufferers. We have strived to provide a product that not only helps recovery but also helps massively reduce the risks of further episodes. Quality of life is another hugely important factor and our subcutaneous delivery helps make treatment possible in the home environment.

The heart ages along with the rest of your body and it is easy to see the incredible performance your heart provides throughtout a lifetime. For instance, on average the heart beats over 42 million times a year and nearly 3.5 Billion times in a lifetime!

If each heartbeat represented one stride, your heart could walk to the moon and back 3 times - with these figures in mind, the huge workload the heart undergoes becomes clear and it makes sense that our hearts get very tired toward the end of our lifetime.


3 Heart failure hospitilizations per minute

On the Rise

Projected to be 5 per minute in 15 years


Routine discharge for 70% of patients


24% rate of readmittance in the first month, rising to 50% in 6 months

Push Back The Waters

On top of the amazing work your heart does, it is constantly battling the effects of fluid retention in the body. The efficiency of your kidneys to remove water from your body will often diminish with age and, if left unmanaged, can lead to impaired function of the lungs, the heart and the kidneys. In essence, when your heart is doing that walk to the moon and back, it is doing so through a swamp.

At first, the build up of water burdens patients with wheezing, swollen ankles, and severe shortness of breath and these symptoms become more severe as the condition progresses. There are 3 stages of Congestive Heart Failure and when sufferers reach the most unstable stage, it is referred to as Acute Heart Failure. In this stage, fluids build up and impair the heart's function, which in turn leads to reduced blood flow to the kidneys. This causes the kidneys to work less efficiently and results in a build up of even more fluids.

This vicious circle is one which we aim to break and the treatment of Heart Failure focuses on repairing renal and cardiac function via subcutaneous interceptive therapy, which in turn reduces the chances of recurring events and improves patient lifestyle. Our treatment covers sufferers in an acute condition right through to a preventative supplement in stabilized patients or patients with worsening heart failure.

The Cost of Treatment

Heart Failure costs in the US alone are enormous. We believe that Vastiras™, our innovative drug, could hugely reduce the financial costs associated with the treatment of Heart Failure and also give back the time that many fear to be lost when undergoing recovery from an episode.

Vastiras™ is one of a series of Cardiac Peptides (naturally occuring chemicals in the heart) we have called Renopeptins. These are given off by the heart muscle when it stretches and one of these Renopeptins is a peptide called "proANP (31-67)", also known as MP3167, or, as we call it, Vastiras™. The development of Vastiras™ has been focussed to fill the unmet need for a drug that supports the kidneys and generally promotes Cardio-Renal wellbeing.

Our revolutionary use of subcutaneous delivery allows the patient to manage their symptoms of Heart Failure in the home environemt. This kind of interceptive and patient centric therapy allows patients to stay around their families and friends. The portablility of Vastiras as a treatment radically improves the patient's quality of life at the same time as reducing overall cost of treatment and associated hospitilization.


0 Billion Dollars Per Year in USA
0 Million Patients in EU and USA
0 Thousand Dollars Average Cost per Hospital Stay
0 Days Average Duration of Hospital Stay

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About Vastiras®

We have created Vastiras® to aid patients in the vulnerable discharge period, but it serves a purpose for many other patients, including preventative or interceptive therapy.


Cheaper than other competing heart failure drugs


Clinical data shows the drug to out-perform its rivals


Revolutionary subcutaneous method of delievery


Patient centric therapy improves quality of life


Interceptive Therapy Prolongs the wellbeing of patients


Effective accross a broad spectrum of heart failure patients


Our Team

Here at Madeleine Pharmaceuticals we have a hugely experienced group of individuals who are dedicated to researching and developing Renopeptins, including Vastiras®. Ultimately, it is their work which is bringing you closer to a solution for managing congestive and acute heart failure.

To see a list of our entire team, please take a look at the Madeleine Pharmaceuticals Team Page.



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